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This page is dedicated to an archive of statements by "GW" skeptics that need to be kept and treasured

Page begin 2001/07/30, triggered by a posting by Dan <webmaster@shygirlsplanet.com>

First some nice quotes-about-quotes from http://www.kolumbus.fi/jimenez/quo.htm

  1. Some people you don't have to parody - you just quote 'em. Tom Lehrer
  2. The surest way to make a monkey of a man is to quote him. Robert Benchley

Here it is (lightly edited to remove irrelevancies):
On 29 Jul 2001 22:07:36 +0100, wmc@bas.ac.uk wrote:
>Dan  wrote:
>>Here is something else.... why is the
>>hole in the ozone layer at the arctic region of our planet?
>Are you awake? The infamous ozone hole is in the Antarctic... oh dear.

I call the northern and southern regions the arctic.. its cold.  You
know what I mean.  Try answering the question.  Do you know the

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