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A note to new visitors

This page was begun many years ago, pretty soon after I first starting visiting sci.environment (I'm not sure quite when it started; at least by 1996). The original core of the page was the Hays et al and Rasool and Schneider papers. Since then much material has accreted and the original core is slightly submerged.

So I'm afraid the structure is a bit of a mess. Nonetheless, the information content is there, for anyone who is willing to read it. One day I'll re-write it, but its not going to be soon. I *did* start a re-write, but lost it in a disk death. So it goes. One of the things missing is the present-day view of the science.

In the meantime, if you have questions, post them to news:sci.environment, or just keep reading the page, or there are a couple of other places where I have written slightly more ordered versions. The first is wikipedia: specifically, the Global cooling page (the link there is to an old version (the current one, when I wrote this; click here to go to the currently-current version, which may or may not be sane depending on the depredations of skeptics or vandals). The second is RealClimate (its not there yet (2005/01/05) but will be soon).

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