G J Kukla: Missing link between Milankovitch and climate

Nature, 253, p600-3, 1975.

The abstract:

A simple empirical model shows that Earths surface temperature is most affected by a seasonal change of irradiation in the interior of North America and Eurasis, and that the highest sensitivity to insolation is reached in the autumn. Past climates are explained by adjustment of the cryosphere to changes of insolation in early autumn.

At the end (conclusions, all considered "tentative", not in a separate section):

  1. Conventional milankovitch link is probably wrong.
  2. accurate astronomical dating of Pleistocene climatic history feasible
  3. Long-term outlook for natural change predicted by model is oscillatory cooling for next 4ky
  4. heat balance in interior of continents deserve attention
Various caveats follow. Predictions: none.