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Misc global warming related stuff

Welcome to anyone coming here looking for my talks.

You can have:

  1. pugwash-2006-11-28.ppt - Cambrdige Pugwash Society talk; evolves a bit.
  2. chase-2006-03-07.sxi - open office .sxi, fairly similar to nsu, plus ant-melting; plus wikipedia
  3. nsu-2005-11-17.ppt - ppt, fairly similar to those below, uses RSS TLT and MSU 5.2
  4. naked-2005-03-16-nobg.ppt - ppt, no beauteous background pics, about 450k
  5. naked-2005-03-16.ppt - ppt, but with backgrounds, about 750k
  6. naked-2005-03-16.sxi - sxi (openoffice), with backgrounds, about 710k
Recommendations for further reading:
  1. My blog and http://mustelid.blogspot.com/ - my old blog
  2. Posting there on sources
  3. http://www.grida.no/climate/ipcc_tar/ - the IPCC TAR. Lots of good stuff
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming - wikipedia article on global warming. Generally good, with links to more, but its a wiki so you never know what the current content will be. So you may prefer to accept my recommendation of the last known sane version which I know is pretty well OK.

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