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Science-type stuff

This page is for links to/from things related to science. Originally, mostly to do with sci.environment but its expanded.

Here are some things that might be of interest:

  1. Stoat - my blog
  2. Global Warming and related matters (see here for Naked Science stuff)
  3. Climate change: some basics - Jan Schloers FAQ. Read it!
  4. Wikipedia.
  5. Was a immenent ice age predicted in the 70's?
  6. Climate data for the Antarctic
  7. Fourier 1827 - his paper on the heat of the earth, etc.
  8. RW Wood (1909) - experimental proof that greenhouses don't work by the greenhouse effect. 90+ years old and still people don't realise...
  9. Unforgeable Quotes From Skeptics - embryonic at present
  10. Hockey stick stuff

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