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Miranda Hermione Lucy Connolley

Mirandas Words

Following the great success of Daniels words pages, here are Miranda's.
  1. final (stopped on her 3rd birthday, 2004/10)
  2. 2004-08
  3. 2004-02
  4. 2004-01
  5. 2003-10
  6. 2003/06/05
      At age one:
    1. Bye-bye (perhaps)
    2. Upstairs (more up-errghhh)
    3. Da-blurblle (probably means Daniel)


I have more than I can deal with. Here's one from the summer holidays. Say you like it and I'll put up another one.

Miranda at the beach

See the diaries for Quiberon: August 2002.

First Things

Fairly soon after E's birth, This page said little more than this:

On the 5th of October our new baby daughter was born, after only a little more than 2 hours in hospital. According to the hospital records and our rather confused recollections, labour stage 2 took only 6 minutes!

Miranda now has a name. Its Miranda.

Not much more to say. We're all back home; baby and mother fine; grandmother (short-haired) in attendance and great-grandmother expected tomorrow.

Daniel is delighted to have a baby sister and proud to be a "big brother". Once he has learnt not to wake her up just to see what she is like awake, all will be fine.

Things have moved on somewhat but I like the above and don't know where else to put it; so it stays here for the moment.

Why Lucy?

Daniel very much wanted Miranda to be called Lucy. Probably because John Kings eldest is called Lucy. So, there seemed to be no reason why Lucy shouldn't be part of her name, and when we registered her Officially (31/10/2001) she because M H L C.

Pictures below. All are 12.5%. Click on the images for a 50% picture.

Miranda Hermione Lucy Connolley

Born: 05/October/2001 6:01 pm
Weight: 3.68 kg (8.2 lb)

Jessica and Daniel holds her

I'm not alseep, just tired Proud mother and product

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