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July 2003

Thurs 1st

7: D up & says his tummy hurts - M's fish??? - M joins him in loo to see if he wants to throw up. But no. E sweetly brings 'D his Mr Weasel'.

M's turn to stay at home with infant, though she is very stressed.

Did I really come into work just for psd meeting for Rapley to bore us into submission? It seems so. But we're all sitting here patiently. At least I can write this. But I do get to be troublesome, as in 'shouldn't we just split back into icd/uasd'. The pretence of some uasd/lower-atmos connection & all the distortion that causes still annoys me.

Home pm with D - totally flopped - & E not at all flopped.

Fri 2nd

A day of sun & violent showers. D still sick (to my surprise) so I go in a.m. Worse, we were due NA this pm.

E is v v bouncy, & quite a bit naughty, whilst retaining cuteness. She bounces on me when I lie down & is quite heavy! But she also won't let D be quiet. So I take her upstairs, & she is sad.

Me: E, will you be good? E (thinks a bit): No. So she walks to her bedroom, stops, smiles & comes back.

Bed: 11: D in ours: replace him.

Sat 3rd

D: 'miranda, when you & I are married - not to each other, to someone else - we'll have at least one ring'.

In the paper: Posy Simmons says: use paper not elec to leave a trail for biog/post.

M takes DE to Fitzwilliam for the day. This is mostly in compensation to me for the extra I did during the week. They enjoy it. Meanwhile, I go into town to buy a new socket for the kitchen; FF tickets with Vix; sit in cb1 and promise Holly an Antarctic rock. Also get eyes tested.

Home: spend an hour putting bits of leylandii in the green bin. Our garden is truely fecund this year (except the vegtable beds which are pale) and we will have to start to think about what to chop back soon.

6: with D to allot to set up rain-roof, having stuff all in the car and tied it on and hoping it won't fall out of the back. D was intending to go and visit N but stays with me instead, and is helpful in holding it up before its complete. I only intended to make a start but all goes well and we finish, thought a bit late - what with picking beans etc we don't get home till 7:45 with E just going to bed.

Sun 4th

Get to lie in till just after 9: somewhat lazy but D and E are both happily downstairs: yesterday ME bought some cocopops with a FREE gift: either a straw-slurper or a crafty croc seive spoon - and we hear D shout out: "its the croc!".

Then D goes on stunt rally - which he hasn't played in a while - before I take him to sunday club. Sometimes he is a bit reluctant for this but today he is keen and rushes in with N who arrives at the same time (on her bike...: see later).

Home: sweep up patio. That takes most of the hour: go get D who is (characteristically) only just getting ready to pain his modelling clay "rock" (something to do with Samuel and ark of the covenant). He paints it green and thus his hand too. Home: I suggest it could be a paintbrush holder if he made the holes bigger so do so. MJF will be here 1-ish so settle down outside with a coffee to finish Popper and do so. And here a brief review:

K R Popper: The open society and its enemies: vol 1: the shadow of plato. A sustained attack on plato's political views and inheritance. Says he considers plato to be the foremost philosopher but after this little remains of P (if you accept it). Read somewhat in parallel with The Republic (which is a misnomer for the city state). Previously (years ago) I had skimmed Phaedo and couldn't understand why anybody thought Socrates was anything other than nonsense: its just a loose collection of implausible arguments. Now I know that (according to modern opinion) Phaedo is Plato, not Socrates. And the S in the republic is P too. From what I read of the replublic, Popper is correct. And the only mystery is why this hasn't been obvious for centuries.

Mfd/J/F arrive just before 1 and we all go out to greet them, E bouncing out. Sadly the weather clouds up so we eat inside somewhat cramped in our l'room. As a great boon to us, they (mostly F I think, though J has done a lentil salad) have done the (over) catering, so all we have to do is unpack and eat, how pleasant. Also F has (surprise!) bought presents for D and E - Thomas TTE fridge magnets set (later D and I have fun cutting out other magnet shapes from the leftovers) for E, and a "neutron" spinning top for D.

Mfd is testing out a "dana" palm-os portable replacement. Interesting. It suits his purpose - typing with a decent keyboard and passable screen - but to me it is somewhat inelegant as it is such a compromise between palm and portable. The o/s is no bigger.

Later pm the weather improves and we go out... show F the shed and bees (it is ages since she has been here). Play boing-the-croc-on-the-washing-line with D. E becomes a bit fragile and easily saddened - taken upstairs by M but it doesn't work. D got sent up at one point too and ended up tidying his bed, which he is v proud of.

They leave 7:30 ish then E bed-after-bath. D too. E is sprawled out - photo. Photo D's bed at his req.

Soir: end up wiki'ing. I'm spending rather a lot of my life online, what with wiki, sci.env, and this. Is it a good idea? Unlike my real life, it is at least *tidy* a huge plus...

Mon 5th

Work hard all day on rws & half crack it by end. Yoga.

Soir: M yoga, I mostly wiki. Eyes tired.

Tues 6th

Leave work half one. Browse N's skip for guttering (no) but find hosepipe - take to allot. Pick some bbeans & rasp. Stop at sch: D's class are having tennis lesson. Group then single: line up & 1-by-1 hit balls over net with instructor. O is best; D struggles to hit ball.

Home. Bees: see notes. Sit out with drink, paper, & raw comb.

D to Sam's. We play at school a bit then E & I to bw.

Wed 7th

D sch. E & I bw.

Conexant (/virata/g-v - logos vary, no atml spotted) bbq. Hmm.

7:15 through rain to gov meet. But it started at 7 not :30. Hey ho. Discussion till 8 when Fiona Burness our 'enemy' arrives. She starts but is soon interrupted by questions: we are polite but quite a few of the q's are distinctly hostile. It emerges (from me) that the PAN setting is essentially circular.

Dragged to pub by Andy.

Torrential rain o'night. Odd screams.

Thurs 8th

E to M'a - she is still a bit back-y - & D sch. Look at BS's elms & talk JM who ok's cutting them. W: glac cont; show jck/aj the umui & running; wavelet seaice for sah.

Out 2: standing in bike shed awaiting rain stop.

Bed 11: M still working.

Fri 9th

N, A (and B for about 1h) over for the afternoon, and also P as an experiment. Which works. H comes to collect A and takes NP too. Mostly play inside but I kick them out after a while when it isn't going to rain. Eat outside, or they pretend to, and it is a somewhat mishmash meal...

Sat 10th

Allot/stall (give them some honey *2 and broad beans)/town: cb1/arj/ox.

5: picnic with DE: fun. I misunderstand & didn't bring food. No matter I have wine. Sit with Nicola; and then with Andy+C and scoff some of their food while E nicks crisps.

Ends with 2h f'ball match end 8:45. E plays briefly then retires to watch lying down. D doesn't really try but climbs a tree with N. Late beds. Where is my mobile? Hmm. Nowhere it seems. Oops.

Sun 11th

Up at 9:45! D is downstairs but E wakes us. Doesn't want me but goes into bed with M. E: 'girl, be good' - she is pretending to be the mother.

B over 11 carrying f'ball & wearing goalie gloves. But D sucks him into computer. 12 we throw them out & they *do* play f'ball.

D sings 'poo-poo-poo' to the tune of what shall we do with the drunken sailor?

To AS open studio. Much Venice. Interesting but... what? D likes the boat. M & I swap looking after E.

Newnham, but only for 1 ride.

Mon 12th

Sch: no-one has handed in my mob. That hope blown.

W / Y (not feeling stretchy at all) / W.

Soir: 7:30: pp meeting. Look at hogroast comments - some but few. Go over local services & env q's. Ok.

Tues 13th

W. Then to town to Carphone warehouse for new phone. Perhaps.

E: whats your favourite #? Me: ooh... 40? E: I'm 2. & my doggie is 2. & my dollie is 2. Me: soon you'll be 3. E: I don't want to be 3. I'll be 6.

E is mummy. I am 'girl'. She takes me to school (in front gdn) & will pick up at half-past-3. And so a pleasant a'noon. D is at Catherine (Fox)'s: M picks her up on way back home (fixing their computer as she goes...) and D seems to have had a good (and quiet) time on beads with C.

Soir: curry tlc/jt/fausto & visiting germans.

Wed 14th

Suffering form curry... Light rain louder under the vine.

E: 'I like you now'. She has be quite anti-me recently, almost always when M is around as an alternative :-(

Phone O to try to cancel phone but strangely the disconnection people are hard to reach...

Town. Carphonewarehouse for new phone: nokia 1100 on 'fresh' (60 inc 20 credit). Ie a cheapy pay-as-you-go. *they* phone O & its still a long wait but gets done. I try to avoid confessing I have lost phone but this doesn't seem to matter.

Swim/arj/cb1/lib then back.

Leave E with MD at sch & spend 1+h sweaty grubbing weeds on allot.

7: unexpected & quick pc planning (footpath; school data mast; me). Back for E's bed (M tired) then pub with ASA.

Thurs 15th

M starts up! 8:20! Oops. Wake DE.

Last before hols. D is going to Charlottes web today so remember star cushion. As someone says: I don't know if its hot or cold.

Town lunch: new glasses then cb1. Now it definitely is hot. Get copy of school wild garden key in case I feel like helping over the hols.

Home (via school: talk about mast: siting is designed around lines-of-sight and is prob not changeable) 4:30. Time for a rest before packing... I think I'll check my watchlist... what!?! Ed Poor has gone mad again. Sigh. Settle down to roll back his more outrageous changes.

After that "do" the bees quickly: put a spare super onto new from frames in the shed (which is full of bees and wasps trying to rob the crystallised honey from those rape frames: good luck to them).

Pick up D (who is busy doing beads-that-you-iron: he has made an apple tree and a star) then happy E. Home. I'm *hungry*: no lunch really today. But I have to feed E first. Weetabix for once since thats what she wants and I'm rushed.

Its now q-to-10 and I have done almost no packing. M has done none at all but that is not surprising as she didn't get back from work till 8 and left at :30 for her book club... hey ho. I've done quite a few things designed to avoid packing though: made a list; backed up pictures; helped D decide what he is going to take. Probably I'll knuckle down after the news.

M back past 11. D not asleep. Pack.

Find old mobile :-( :-).

Bed 12:20. Not fin: tomorrow.

Fri 16th

Rain. Sports day cancelled: conv for us & D isn't bothered. 11: pick him up (he is jumping with excitement) & off after posting last 2 elec exp. Stop at first m4 serv 1:40 by Reading ugh but D hungry & E v whingey.

Cross bridge 4. E sleeps :-) Rain, lots, clearing (!) in Wales. Std route: end of M4 then up.

Arrive just before 7. D rushes in to explore & then tries to find stream. Ma there 15 mins, MfdJ have made soup that DE spurn. Sort out rooms. Dinner.

And so down to beach, about 8:30. J & her knee get short straw. Walk down (inc E) by high & low roads. Large ?school? party. D & I stay on past 9. High tide waning.

Sat 17th

Rain o'night & morning - as forecast. We're all slow so this is ok. Mfd & M to village for bread & misc & come back wet (outside). Mass uno game - E helps doggie play. I teach D, Mfd & J rules of Go & DJ play. By judicious help D wins & is happy. To beach after lunch cos its now ok - grey & occ sun. DE & I go: J follows & others will walk (up lane behind house then round to Urdd, hill fort & down.

So DE & I walk down with misc spades, wheelbarrow, etc.

As the tide goes down it becomes clear that we can go N (R) round the odd rock to the 2nd beach. And so we do.

Sun comes out! I go for a swim! Hurrah for me. And I even enjoy it. I can't tempt D in though. Could one climb the rock round here? Its not obvious why not. Its a bit shale-y and tops out onto grass slopes, but the shale seems firm. Its not in any of the guide books though.

For tea we go to the Patio cafe: i'cream. Scone. Super! Its slightly odd: a bit too spacious and well done. Almost more like a local authority thing than a commercial venture.

The others leave pre-6 but D & I stay late. I sit & wonder if I should go & get a drink. But I realise I'm quite happy where I am.

Back: bathe together.

Dinner (Ma).


D chess J who wins. D ungracious: tired. Bed for him.

Sun 18th

Up a bit earlier today: D & E up. B'fast (but not the glorious view from Lescun, sadly).

Beach earlier (grey but no rain & f'cast promises better). All bar MfdJ down 11 ish. I am carrying the boat we found. D immeadiately starts digging & spends the rest of the day doing this... Buy cricket set (size 5) & 'tennis' set from shop 'cos D has been playing both a sch. But hard to persuade him to try.

Sail (ok, row) with D to 2nd beach - boat is not seaworthy! Only good for kids to play in. Put DE in & they have a rollercoaster in the waves. Play there a while till lunch time.

Lunch in The Ship (y Llong). Ok - just std stuff. & St Austell beer tastes thin. Try Pentre next time?

3: back to the beach & happily do beach-y things. I swim some more but no-one else does. M has a go in the boat! MfdJ back 4 via walk to cook. 5: tea time. MMaE back soon after but D & I hang on: I read annotated Alice. Nearby volleyball folk play till the sea swallows their court. Home 7 via little garden.

E having supper; D bath I shower.


Read & write by fire. J is trying to write 17 script so she can learn to read it.

Mon 19th

E presents me with a picture. It has a giraffe, a spider, a whale, a stoat, a stoat, a baby stoat. Or so she says. I wonder if she could id them tomorrow?

Move chair round to front so I can sit in sun & drink coffee. E wants to play cricket & we do, err. But panda cricket is as confused as panda chess, the main feature being the happy smile on the face of E, which makes it worth it I suppose.

To beach: me, D & E. Ma & M drive off to shop. Early sun is fading. Arrive 11ish & there is only the top of the beach. D digs of course & E, poss cold, sits on me & allows me to cuddle her: this is unusual. I'm just thinking of cafe when MfdJ arrive & we *do* retreat to cafe. A bit later D comes in: it is now raining. Beach clears except the hard/stupid. But its warm inside.

Rain doesn't stop so 1ish head up, E on my shoulders under brolly & D enveloped in J's coat! (earlier she tried E in it be she was totally lost; on D its just very over large). When 3/4 home M meets us in car.


3: out for walk. Ma comes. D can't be persuaded out & E can't be dissuaded so M comes with her. Its raining again. Down past ch & then up R road/track to Lochtyn (NT place we might have stayed at but twas booked. Probably just as well: it is magnificently situated but somewhat remote; and has a cattle shed just behind it. OTOH the magnificent situatio is what makes Lescun. But L is far more mag) then split: Ma to headland direct & me via Iron age fort. There is a made road up the far side: odd: why? Find out at the top: there is a coast guard (unmanned) or poss govt listening post up there. Also v blowy and quite windy. Go back down and take the path descending the N side to join the path leading out onto the peninsula: the hill is gorse/grass/bracken with sheep. The tip of the penin is cut off: one could descend down to boulder beach then up the far side but not in this wind/weather. Ma is sheltering by a wall so join her then back by lower path then down to the far beach.

5: still raining so test the Pentre Arms. Half of Rev James is better than St A. Read 'dolphin watch' & try to puzzle out the welsh vn.

Home 6ish. M cooks: fish for all but eggs for me. Laver bread! ie seaweed. E eats all fish & calls for more.

D plays chess with Ma.

Soir: back to the nonsense of The Laws. Still can't find any sense in it. Being a child of my time and confident of my own intellect I can say this. Plato would probably insist that I praise it at least until I'm 60; whereupon I would be allowed moderate criticism, but only where the youth couldn't hear me.

Tues 20th

Day is bright & for obscure reasons (mostly, I suspect, because people have talked about it a lot) we are off to the Dolaucothi gold mines. Leave about 10:30, takes ~1h. We play N Young & E sleeps... D is in other car. So: arrive: look around: there is a tour at 12 which is just about the right time. After some faffing we (J) come to the sensible conclusion that her knee prevents her going; and we put on our sensible boots. We get miners helmets and lamps (its not lit inside) and a guide and join a group of perhaps 20.

First surprise is that the hollow in the hills we are in - 200/300 m across and 20-40 deep - is artifical, the result of roman surface working. The romans went for flecks of gold in the quartz veins. The victorians ditto; then in 1920-30's they found they could extract it from arseno-pyrite (???) in shale veins. This involved extraction with cyanide etc and was done in Hamburg so this stopped in 1938. Up the hill and in; into "5 ways"; with the vid's IR mode I can photo in near-dark. Sulphide-eating fungus on the walls: moisture makes reflecting patterns (photo). And deeper in... no pit props: the rock is hard, no need. Low roofs but not v low. Quartz: the victorians paid by the pound, so didn't mine poor veins. The romans were just there to work (region peaceful so legions needed to be kept useful), so mined out their veins totally. Knockers. Anyway, an interesting tour. D gets a bit unhappy 3/4 way through and wants to leave but can't; and anyway he opts to leave by the "interesting" route up ladders and rock, which is fun. Outside, he says he just wanted some fresh air. Coming out he tells the guide about the coal mine in his Richard Scarry book.

Out: into sun and green leafy oaks. Lunch: picnic. Then look at engine sheds etc; kids room D colours Trusty The Hedgehog == Derwen Draenog and makes a Roman shield. I go for coffee and am joined by others. M buys D(/E) secret present of polished 'gem stones' & replica roman coins which D is v pleased with. Rain starts. Back home...

We get there first and Mfd has given us a useless key so sit in the outhouse for 5 mins...

Briefly inside but then walk down to Pentre Arms for dinner. Resto is full but allowed in bar corner despite DE who anyway run into the games room. Explore rocks by beach with D during (longish) wait for dinner. Food somewhat better than ship I would say.

D: G'ma, you know your Tom & Jerry cartoon about snooker & T putting his cue into the holes? Well E is trying to do that now... Oops.

Ma learns how to write palmese with some sucess.

D wants sticky toffee pudding and so does E but its now 9 so she goes home with M, and all the others, while D and I stay for pudding, then wander home together talking of prime numbers (me: and how would you prove that there is no largest prime? D: well, there is no largest number).

Wed 21st

E: thats the elephants trunk. & thats the hedgehogs trunk. D: h's don't have t's. E: anyway, they have noses.

Me, D, M, Ma, Mfd walk to Penbryn. J stays with E to look round village. 11. To beach; S end; lime kilm; up Castell-bach (past house that imposes over beach but looks run-down close up).

Mfd, ahead, finds adder on path. We sneak of & see it, then it slinks into u'growth. D: Gorse. Ow! Of course. Puff pant. Views down to Carreg-y-ty (palm won't let me put a hat on the y). Steep down to hanging valley. D & I take path to beach & others go on. Unwalked beach! Seagulls screech away & we... dam the stream. Beachcomb a bit: D finds crab leg.

Climb out (a bit past 1) is stiff & then a hill & D is tired. Over top, round, then ends in cow poo lane.

To hamlet 2 & there is: a tea shop; & the others. E has a frisbeee! She says.

Others beach; D & I cafe though D hurries me once he has finished his i'c'm. Down via woods (inc d & u over stream). Rainforest!

Wide beach.

M & I walk back inland. Good woods (esp Troedyrhiw to Penmorfa & 316536 above L). Unfindable paths (Cnwcyrhyglyn to Rhyd-lwyd not found at all; R-l to Eisteddfa we guessed). Thoughts: cutting back hedgerows: cost. Once useful (firewood etc). Lost fields.

Down to front on back lane (?) & eat at fish+chip & baguette 'beach shack' (y caban).

Soir: bath.

Thurs 22nd

Rain! Hey ho. I walk down for milk+bread. MfdJ pack to leave. Photo inside.

DMMa play butterflies. D/E altercation so M sends tearful D into rain for 10mins. Ma takes E to see ch & M goes too so I am alone...

12: decide to go down for lunch. 'the shack' then on to...

Beach. Rain, then clears, then sun 5:30. Much damming, then build big castle. Then arrange water supply.

I swim! Quite a lot. Chill, then not, then sort-of burning. Thats when my core is dropping I think - come out. Waves good! Go back to give Ma my glasses so I can really exp them. The bigger ones stagger me. Swim, wave rises up - up - up - & over, or breaks & tumbles me.

5: cafe for cafe & i'c'm. E goes mad & starts painting herself with it. Argh. Sun is emerging.

M takes E home. Ma follows soon after. D's beach appetite undiminished & we stay to dig.

6: finally climb carreg bica - its easy. But a bad example. That no-one follows. Vid waves. Photo waves. Panorama. Meanwhile D digs. Sun has drawn more people into water. Low water. Seagulls, no seals.

I can't remember what D was like when we went to Lescun. How can I remember? I try to compare him, then, to E, now. E seems younger. I will have vid of her if I forget.

Leave 7:30 for home, D v tired.

D bath. I look round ch. L reg of elec looks like 30 ish people.

Fri 23rd

am: a bit grey. We were promised full sun! But it clears to that.

Packing! Such a chore. Thats why I sit out in the sun with my coffee & leave it to M... E was a bouncy kangaroo (do you remember *that*? Its on vid) & D was a mysterious under-quilt scary thing. E: come back here baby & put your clothes on (Ma has knitted her a jumper & trous).

House: summary. Large enough. Ok fittings. Fire: good. Quiet. No views. Garden ok. Morning sun at front. Can't really get to river/stream. Back lane to (is) nice walk.

Other places: Barmouth. 3 cliffs bay, gower.

Fin pack & leave 10.30+ after vid tour. Head for Tresaith but wrong turn... arrive after most of 1h. Get last beach-car-place when someone vacates it. In some indefinable way more... resorty? developed? richer? But not better than L. Odd row of tents at the back of the beach, a bit like beach huts but not. It does have a shower which is welcome but cold. The beach cafe is OK (there is only 1; and a pub higher up we didn't go to). Cliffs crumbly and junky: definitely not climbable. W'fall around corner has a beach at low tide but toherwise there is no stream - & what use is a beach sans stream says D? How very true.

Whilst waiting for the tide we bury D & E; make 'monster' on top of D (its never occurred to me before to do this).

W'fall does but we have to wait. Dam it - easy, perhaps too e. D & I explore beach further N: might be poss get to Penbryn at v low tide.

I have 'sandcastle makers wrist' on the R.

5: cafe.

Leave 6.30 after last ceremonial paddle in sea & ritual shower for D & E. Stop Newcastle Emlyn for f+c 7; then back. I do till 9:30 - pontypool - & M the rest (15 mins jams on m25; stupid lane-closed signs) till 1. V partial unpack; bed.

Sat 24th

Noises early as Mfd goes off to his conference (he is staying with us) but I don't get up till near 10. Town later (stop on way at stall for rhubarb and plums: cache these with N): get photos of hols as present for M; then cb1 mostly and arj a bit. Stop at Fitzbillies for cake and stuff and they do a nice granary loaf too.

Back 2:30 but MED still w/rose. They get back soon after.

Mfd back 6:30 ish and we have dinner all outside.

Sun 25th

Up in time to see Mfd off 8:30 ish. Do card for M with D then E. Take M b'fast in bed (D loves doing this).

Mfd back from close of conf 1:30 ish. Lunch and then M's b'day cake. But it proves too rich for D (or he is full). Even E can only eat one slice though she asks for another.

3 (in rain): Mfd takes DE off to Ma for a few days so we can work - summer holidays shuffling.

Quiet rest till 5. Then I go to allot for a good session (first stopping at school to cut back trees near the new elms at BS's req) strimming, bonfire (damp). Harvest bbeans and carrot thinnings; dig up some pots.

Soir: bath.

Mon 26th

No-one to wake us up but the alarm nonetheless we're off 9ish.

W / Y / W. Tom, John, John all out so it feels rather quiet.

Soir: xfer photos from holiday to main machine and cut CD backup.

Tues 27th

At this point my Clie died (I can't remember if I cried, when I read about his widowed bride, but something touched me deep inside, the day, the clie, died...). Not completely: but it won't recharge properly. Argh. For a while it has refused to sync via its cradle, and will only do IR. Time for a replacement.

Wed 28th

To Ma to collect DE. Arrive 2:30; misc, then leave 4 (skipping JJ, which is perhaps impolite, but we will be late home anyway).

D sick on way back in car. I attribute this to car sickness (his first) but maybe more see next day).

Thurs 29th

E to M'a. D (after start on computer; and then a brief visit to J&E to collect his sword they made him) is sick/tired and lies on the sofa most of the day - poor small D. Sometimes he sleeps, sometimes I read to him, but mostly he lies there very tired. So I guess this is part of y'days vomit.

MfdJ arrive 5:30 ish (prior to that I spend most of my non-coffee-drinking time tidying up the house).

M and I head off to the FF, indulging ourselves in the car as we can't find our bike lights, it not being winter. Its a short night: see the end of Tom Robinson (spot Mrs McG bopping to 2-4-6-8) and then Thea Gilmore (good, but I;ve forgotten her now).

Fri 30th

I work am; M stays home. Thence to town: cb1, then FF about 3:30. Catch some broken family band (good) and meet M at Mr Moons at 5. Bits of Ezio; bits of Dhol foundation; to the front for Loudon Wainwright (superb). Then M and I split: I to club, she sees the Divine Comedy I think. M has driven in so my bike goes in the back and we go home.

Sat 31st

I enjoy undeserved lie-in till 10, when am awaken by news of meeting hastily called by AB re the school mast, which he has just discovered. I don't know why I failed to realised that none of the "neighbours" knew about this and of course evil killer microwaves alwys upset people. The "15 minute" (ha: I never believed that) meeting stretches on, and we realise that we really don't know much about the schools IT uses or needs.

So, that takes out most of the morning and blows my gardening plans. Hey ho.

M and I get to FF 3 ish I think and start in the cafe, where you can surf the web if you can get past the infants playing runequest. Sadly they have no ssh so I can't read my mail. Broken family band in the club tent are superb: both music and showmanship. We see some distant levellers but I don't feel like pushing close. Bits of show of hands on Phils recommendation but really that teaches me what I already know: don't trust other peoples musical tastes to be close to your own. Jim Moray 4 (Spring of Time) is good but... perhaps not as good as they think. More club stuff. Finish at the front for Jimmy Cliff who is OK if you like that kind of thing (except Rivers of babylon and Wild world which are worth it).

I remember thinking one of the days was a bit thin (I'm writing this on tues after new palm Vx arrives) and I think it was today.

End on a full moon...

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