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January 2002


Happy New Year!

Joke in madnews: Ghandi was a thin barefoot sage, but with bad breath, hence: 'a super callused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis'.

Head home: pack for last time, leave 12:30. Sun. Via Ma to drop stolen keys: she has bought me a new turtle (hmpf?). D asleep (& ma off with rnlt) so head off through the lovely pm. Home before 3. Nothing has exploded. Unpack but not tidy: mess.

Wed 2nd

Up late & briefly to work.

Pm: take D to town (having prised him away from his cereal game). Stop on way to look at diggers: mistake: D gets hands v cold so to cup b'shop where poor D sobs with unfamiliar pain of returning circ. So skip swimming. It really is a cold day.

Thurs 3rd

More frost, but some cloud. Work: plough through journal sheets, check on runs.

See jon skating on univ ponds playing solo ice hockey. Slight creaks but he has dug a hole to check its ok.

Pm: cb1/arj.

D says: 'daniel likes watching'.

Fri 4th

D to Oliver (g'chester 3-5) where he apparently has fun. O is considered a Good Influence (because he plays quietly).

Soir: bg: really going now: the dragon to go!

Sat 5th

Weather has softened: now +5, the pond has a thin layer of water on top of 2" ice. D walks warily; a frog beneath. Hive: one bee tastes the air.

Pm: to town with D (after familiar not-getting-dressed). W/s for lunch, then reading mr men & catch the end of chicken run, which D watches entranced then declares bad - its too violent. Rs for curtain poles, I am now unwieldy. Then to toy bit.

D in bath Lunch-aid (my 1st time) since D is hungry. He has a choc muffin & as ever eats 1/2 of it. He looks pensive: D: I was thinking of cmas; of everyones presents. Pressed, his favourite is chocolate money.

E's 10:30 change: she cries, asleep. But manages to roll onto her side.

Late: install ftpfs but it fails to work. Upload d-in-bath for m+j & download go gifs & make r8.

Sun 6th

Grey again, but not cold. All 4 in bed happily, E gurgles to herself - or us - hard to tell.

To pool. Once there, D unaccountably (we had even brought his watering can at his req) takes against it & refuses to change. Argh. So M swims while De & I watch. Fortunately E is now asleep. [the cover of this has finally fallen off. So now I have a pen again... thats better]. My swim, while Med eat: 28, 28.5, 29.

Soir: do Bennys tenders for Dot to send.

To 12:30: bgii. I've solved the skinner murders.

Mon 7th

Vacs meeting... I'm bored. Late work: play with scsi cards.

D has enjoyed M'as, good. M cooks.

Soir: bg again: the planar sphere: killed by demon at 11:30.

Tues 8th

Have to wake up D: today is p'g'p. Take sleeping E into sleepy M. Get him there on time: pale misty day: & he is happy. Swim: 28.5x3. I excused myself the 4th set because I managed the 3rd in time. Hmm.

Cb1/arj/sa. W/s. Home. D says 'yes' to swimming lessons (lightly disguised as play) so I phone & try to reserve but you can't. So M takes him anyway & gets a place on 5:30 course. I am left - oh no - with E, but she is good & lets me play bg, cook (sos + my pots) & make her a bottle.

B has sent D his completed pink scarf plus a baq of mushroom spores.

Wed 9th

Work. Back: d is playing blinky bill. Hmm... so I...

Bonfire of accumulated boxes. D sits in the tree house & eats apples: mr box's: the compost rat has eaten my stored ones. B*st*rd. Dig heap over in revenge.

Later: try to see whats wrong with washing machine, which is making exs noise when spinning. Fail.

M has bought a pizza for us. D rejects it, of course.

Soir: bg: unwisely conjure up a Mindflayer: so p'ful it reaches out & kills game as well as me.

Thurs 10th

Resolved to Go, so home after work (no yoga today; J sick) via N re bw. Paper, coffee, lunch, hello Me (not in that order; well E was having her lunchtime sleep when I came in). Bg.

Off 4:30 into the gloom. Rs for patch for D's trous. Arj. Cb1. Lose to R. Read mm5 revised. To grad pad for dins.

Play 2 games: a quick one against Geoff, 9 st but should be more. He had been at cb1 having probs with outlook. Then lose (2pts) to Phil Beck who is now 1d. GP now shuts 10, so home early: sneak in more bg.

Fri 11th

Work: scsi (why does setting the tape id to 1 prevent n4 from booting!?). Tidy room: bscomp is f*ck*d.

Home: ma is here, lunch in progress. At D's req she has made choc cake but he decides he would rather have ginger... M to town, alone. We go putting up Burns Night posters (such is the fate of p'g'p members).

Ma to dinner: I make pancakes. She puts D to bed.

Soir: bg till 11: in spellhold.

Sat 12th

D late enough up that I get lie in. Sun. Coffee+paper. Bg: escape, hurrah!

To town with D (he wants smarties for smartie machine). W/s for lunch; read mr men, & now watching toy story ii.

To rs for frames: they have no 6x8 for me but D gets a big one for *his* sugar wrappers. Toy dept to look. Make D digger! (err, once finished bg).

Sun 13th

Wash load: mach sounds v sad on spin. Main bearing going?

pm: briefly to dixons for wash mach. Then onto l-c's for 'tea'. A success: D taken up by Tim (7) & they play pebble sorting, making balloon traps & 'potions' in the washbasin (shades of hp; lucia has a hp wand & a hedwig). 'tea' is enormous.

Mon 14th

Work: dlt ok with Dougs advice: need the correct low-level driver.

Soir: m off to yoga. E sleeps (in disposables during wash crisis). I bg.

Tues 15th

Drag D kicking & screaming from bed (literally; headbutting too) at 8:30. He woke in the night 'hungry' & had gone down for early b'fast - M found him when feeding E. Anyway, carry him downstairs naked & screaming (him not me) & he scuttles under the table & soon calms down when I ignore him.

D to pgp, me to town. No swim: bored of it. Will do yoga instead. I hope. Rs to look at wash mach, telling them apart is hard. Arj/Cb1.

[oops. Pause to delete tealpaint to free up space]

pm: take D to N's so n+i can discuss Bennys.

Wed 16th

Up with D in compensation for tomorrow. He is sweet.

Work. Frustration. Home. Tired.

Soir: pub. Good sesh: not back till 12.

Thurs 17th

Up 6 (argh) with glimpse of Me's nocturnal world to get to swindon by 9:30. Sleep most of way.

'manager as developer' - course. Ok. Ish. Bored by end. Not aimed at science side.

Fri 18th

Course just about passes the 'coffee test' - could you describe it over smoko?

Pm: mr wash arrives: bearings gone: would we like a good deal on a new one? (hints of conflict-of-i).

Cook haggis + cabbage. Then to gp in Simons new house via H (retrieve hp&tps). Admire his self-built kitchen

Sat 19th

RS to look at wash. Confirms that all is on intangibles 'build quality'. Phone m+j.

Beat Richard, ha!

Home. E has learnt to blow raspberries & smiles when D makes them.

Intensive lego with D.

Bg soir: M does her tax form.

Sun 20th

Up with D - have to flght him off at 7. The light is getting earlier.

Wash: machine sounds really sad despite light load.

Quiet day. Bg: out of underdark. Cannot rest: house of ghosts.

D must go out: he hasn't really been out since ?thurs? Take him to b+q to look at wood & sheds: I have conceived a desire for one where the gravel is (made plan of area before going out). Look around. D climbs, until apprehended by security, who he instantly obeys.

b&q: 8x8: 539 (verandah); 8x6 225 (shiplap)

2.1x95x7.5 3.48
timber rough
47x100x2.4 6.69
47x75x2.4 5.15
47x50x2.4 x6 16.29
22x100x2.4 x5 17.49
44x96x2.4 8.26
44x70x2.4 8.93 (x3 20.23)
44x44x2.1 x4 16.04
1819x607x12 12.78
1220x1220x12 24.47
1220x607x12 8.99
polycarb twinwall roof (corotherm)
2.4x0.7m 27.36
3x0.7 29.58
bar base 3m 20.59
bar cap 3m 9.09
and so home.

Mon 21st

Short day in compensation for last thurs. Home. Bg a bit, tidy a bit: clean out passageway, hurrah!

Soir: M yoga, de sleep, I bg.

Tues 22nd

Swim: 20x2 in 30, 33: slow. Arj/cb1. Then to Ridgeons for wood again. Confusing: not like b+q: racks & racks of wood but no prices, & lots of tradefolk. Go ask & get useful advice & prices. Takes getting used to.

Home earlier. Lunch. Communal lego. To bas for Helene Banks hadcm3 southern ocean talk. Good. Home.

5: Md off for swim lessons. I change E then bg: in the sewers. E wiggles herself 50cm backwards & gurgles.

Md back, D seems to have had fun. E had got screetchy at 6:30 so I juggled her and artichokes.

To wi hall for 7:30 for bennys way meeting, which I'm in now. I've done my 'figures' bit & we're into random unfocussed debate on inessentials. A few -ve voices are loud & in danger of outweighing the +ve majority.


am: work. Mostly webby.

pm: N over. She & D play passably but have a tendancy to seperate: she to Maisie computer, he to crane lego. She cuddles little bear very carefully & correctly as her baby. Make then paint plaster casts.

M makes veg soup but I've eaten too many eggs.

Soir: to pc meeting: we're currently on drains & the great october flood. Onto benny: ok.

Thurs 24th

Up with D. E seems to have had a better night: M was up at 2 & 5 on wed. M discovered a raw patch on E's next in a fold of skin: perhaps this had been irritating her.

Work rather taken up with webby stuff. Yoga. Home. Bg (get one room of mindflayers on about 10th try; room 2 now on about 5th...). D is off with M'a', E sleeps, M races to complete her tax form then plays with her hairy pooter jigsaw stick-on book (I'm re-reading hp&tps).

Think about loft: head up with tape measure when remember plans. Mention cutting roof beam (in fact its not a beam, its an x). M insists on an engineer - which I suppose is sensible. Anyway she has a veto. So phone on - first in book in cambridge. He will come out, perhaps tues.

To town 5:45, to cb1. On way look up at sky - mostly clear, bright 1/2 moon, v thin cloud veil lit up, stars.

To warner 7:45, A arrives just before 8, as I was starting to panic.

Fri 25th

D to our bed in middle of night - cries piteously when put back - 'but I get so loney'.

Work: jt has wimped out when aw said boo to him so we get smelly piv's. I'm pissed off.

Home: w/mach delayed (deliverer says despatch f*ck*d up) but installed promptly. Hurrah. D watches intently.

Pm: D to town: drive to p+r as weather is smelly. Rs: new bulb for kitchen; service kit for vacuum. Upstairs: socks & buggyboard. Now & ever, D is playful: runs around, hides. But doesn't know when to stop. Mild threats (be good or no buggy board) work I'd like not to.

To toy bit: when time to go, D says: I must play more or I will get up to mischief.

Home. E has had a ratty day & M is irritable.

Change inner filter & out filter which had gone black...

Sat 26th

Washing machine set to start with delay did work: so quietly we didn't hear.

Changing E. She gurgles happily.

Dem to D's french club then w/rose. Me to town: nudge eyelink; red cross for diary & 'the prof handbook of the donkey' (will have to wait, since I am officially still pissed off with him). Cb1.

Sun 27th

To pub for lunch sans Me. D tells a long serial story about some naughty knives & forks which lay themselves but make messes at night. J attempts to interpret. D's cutlery have now driven all people out of the country & are following in their own h/copter. D says he knows the end of the story, but its a secret.

Mon 28th

Work. Copy M's completed tax forms.

Soir: M yoga. De sleep. Bg: out of the planar sphere & the rogue-stone vortex.

Tues 29th

Surface at 8: sun. Good: the world needs to dry. D is already downstairs: he says he got up with the sun.

Swim 28, 29, (30.5). Hmm. I am getting v bored with swimming & can barely force self to do it. Would running be better?


Home. D not interested in going out so stay home.

Soir: bg: into suldenesselar. But feel ropey.

Wed 30th

Ropier. Short work. As I get home D is pulling on his duffel coat to visit E/G. Fortunately K lets him stay with E till time to pick up G from school. Sleep some of pm - M is kind.

Soir: to pub, since arranged, but leave 10.30.

Thur 31st

Sleep almost all day.

At 6, D comes up v gently & quietly tells me pancakes are ready so I come down.

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