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January 2000

Sat 1st

To roundhouse for London Open. Lose to Dan Micsa, beat David Ward.

Mon 3rd

Back home at last.


Tues 4th

Still not quite back to early rising - M not off to work until after half nine, but I'm not back till tomorrow. Saw a green woodpecker on the lawn, which is still there pecking at the grass.

D: peeled a tangerine, then separated some segments, then became very sad because it was 'broken'.

One hollyhock is still in flower [it still is - 25/1/2000].

P.m. Back to routine - swim - but down to 4x8 because of old glasses and owl hair tie, which keeps coming off. With no glasses I can see each length time but I can try swimming head-down, which feels faster. Maybe get goggles?

Home: play civ.

Wed 5th

Back to work and routine of writing palm entries while waiting for D. Now he is 'walking the lines' of the parking spaces, going 'tick-tock' as he straddles the line..

Quite freguently D will now point at something and say 'mummys sweater', 'daniels trousers' or whatever.

Thurs 6th

Its is astonishing how a beautiful cloudscape and slanting sun can transform the landscape; on the service road from the cavendish to bas I have stopped to admire. The sun now low behind a bank of cloud; a single tree silhoutted with birds. The dull flat cambridge landscape made mysterious.

Going to hear tlc's talk on solar-climate connections, then swim, then to grad pad for Go - resolution in action. Bought programming for palm.

Fri 7th

Awaiting D again, who stands and cries because I will not carry him home. Who will blink first? He was so happy a moment before & is now a picture of refusal... Ah, here he comes.

Tues 11th

Daniel is having fun with the tape measure (I've been putting new bookshelves into the spare room) measuring books, lights, anything really. So I measure him : he is 89cm tall and 52cm around the belly when puffed out.

Today I had my bad molar fixed: about 1 hour in the chair, lots of drilling, several injections and no real pain but lots of hand-clenching. I am given 50% chance of the tooth surviving. All this time D was astonishingly good and played happily with lego (alternatively, he displaed a distressing lack of concern for his fathers travails).

Then we went to the good shoe shop on milton road to get D some new shoes, 8.5 G.

pm - swim 2x20 in 29.5 and 30.5.

Things taste odd - dentistry or sore throat?

Wed 12th

D has discovered the game of 'kick the apple' & is enthralled. Useful muscle skills I suppose.

Thurs 13th

am at work a bit useless - interupted for metlog bugs &. Feel a little unwell - odd taste in mouth.

Pm swim 2x20 in 29, 30 which is good. German cafe with M, rs looking for portable case, cb1 where I have nearly finished 'infinitys shore' a D Brin potboiler but fun. M joins me later. To arjuna then cycle home at five-ish and am uolifted because the sky is not fully dark.

At home still feel a bit off-colour so bath for an hour and start Lanark.

Evening: finally persuade the tosh linux to see the cdrom: need to set the bios to 'pcic' and mount /dev/hdc not /hdc1. Good. Also upload more stuff to care4free including my games at the london open. Try to get GD running on bscomp but fail due to -L probs with zlib I think.

Fri 14th

pm: grey day turns to rain. D sleeps 3 h & I lounge listlessly.

eve: download palm rom upgrade that allows ir hotsync: cool.

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