Miscellaneous pictures

Hmm. Pending better organisation, here are some pics, mostly for Mark Smith. I hope he's got a fast connection. All are about 400+ k.

  • DSCN6558-swarm-far.JPG - my apiary, with a swarm hanging off the roof of the shed.
  • Dscn3245-n-bees.jpg - Nikola Baumgarten at work on her (fresh) hive
  • Dscn3248-n-canonical-comb.jpg - a nice piece of honeycomb
  • dscn4497.jpg - my apiary again.

    Here are some more. These ones are about 200x150 for the thumbnails and 800x600 if you click on them for the large size.

    A close-up of a swarm of bees.

    Brood comb, with eggs (small white bits in centres of cells in centre of piccy) and young grubs (to left).

    This is how I used to strain my honey in the old days. It doesn't really work if you're doing in in "large" quantities... where large is anything above about 20 lbs I suppose.

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