The reconstructions used, in order from oldest (bluest) to youngest (reddest) are:
  1. (dark blue): P.D. Jones, K.R. Briffa, T.P. Barnett, and S.F.B. Tett, 1998, "High-resolution Palaeoclimatic Records for the last Millennium: Interpretation, Integration and Comparison with General Circulation Model Control-run Temperatures", The Holocene 8, 1998, 455-471.
  2. (blue): Michael E. Mann, Raymond S. Bradley, and Malcolm K. Hughes, 1999, Northern Hemisphere Temperatures During the Past Millennium: Inferences, Uncertainties, and Limitations, Geophysical Research Letters Vol. 26 , No. 6 , p. 759, March 15, 1999.
  3. (light blue): Crowley and Lowery 2000 (Ambio 29, 51), "Northern Hemisphere Temperature Reconstruction", Modified as published in Crowley 2000 (Science v289 p.270, 14 July 2000).
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  9. (red): Moberg, Anders et al., 2005, Highly variable Northern Hemisphere temperatures reconstructed from low- and high-resolution proxy data. Nature 443, 613-617.
(black): Instrumental data was jointly compiled by the Climate Research Unit and the UK Meteorological Office Hadley Center. Global Annual Average data set TaveGL2v ( was used.

Documentation for the most recent update of the CRU/Hadley instrumental data set appears in: Jones, P.D. and Moberg, A., 2003: "Hemispheric and large-scale surface air temperature variations: An extensive revision and an update to 2001". Journal of Climate, 16, 206-223.


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